The Trongate PHP Framework tipped to be released to the public soon is at its final stages. Web developers who will opt to use it may end up with the power and speed to build complex web applications for their clients. It is something that a web developer would need without the overheads that other frameworks seem to pack into their codebase.

The Trongate framework, listening to its builder, appears to want to carry the legacy of CodeIgniter Framework(versions 1,2 & 3) which for many years has been the darling of the PHP developer community. The builder of the Trongate PHP framework, however, appears not to be fascinated by the direction that CodeIgniter appears to take and that could be the major reason he decided to build the Trongate PHP framework. Check out its website here

I just had a glimpse of the new framework after following David Connely's youtube tutorial meant to help transition CodeIgniter developers into his Trongate Framework. The Framework repository is hosted at GitHub. David Connely himself claims to have released CodeIgniter tutorials in numbers yet to be matched by any other YouTuber. He built a complete online shop using the CodeIgniter framework, exposing his in-depth knowledge and familiarity with the CodeIgniter framework.

Going by his words, the Trongate framework will remain to be version 1 forever relieving its developers from code rewrites. Framework rewrites can sometimes bring hell to developers using a particular framework especially due to breaking changes. This is because of code rewrite that would subsequently take place to the older software using the previous version of the framework. Take for instance a developer developing out some software using version 1 of a framework, when the particular framework receives another version say, version 2, in due time developers who had written their software using version 1 may have to brace up for partial or in the worst-case scenario rewrite their entire code using the new version of the framework. Trongate PHP framework promises to address this problem.

Technology being a fast-paced industry in the globe,  Web Development is literally mind-blowing with new technologies, new re-writes of old technologies and new frameworks all of which a developer must keep up with in order to stay ahead of the game.