Http Server Error response status code begining with "5" i.e "5XX" indicate scenarios in which the server knows to have erred or is unable to fillfill the request. This being a server error implies that there isn't much that a web visitor can do to help address the issue since the problem is not from their side. The web server on which the target website is located is where a misconfiguration lies. The best a web visitor can do is to notify the webmaster of the particular website.


The 500 Internal Server Error implies that a request was sent to the server but the server encountered an unexpected condition (e.g being unable to access the requested resource i.e a webpage) which prevented it from fulfilling the request. In most scenarios, the server was not able to find a more precise 5XX Error Code Response. The 500 Internal Server Error isn't a clear message as it doesn't exactly tell what the case is, but it is actually a generic error response returned when there is no other error code most suited to the case that just occurred.


Logging this error with more details can be helpful, however, the possible causes to this error may include :

  1. Mod rewrite/.htaccess misconfiguration:
  2. Error in server scripting code
  3. PHP memory limit: Code execution exceeding memory limit thereby being unable to be executed properly.
  4. File/Directory permissions error: A server scripting file cannot be accessed due to permission issues.