Having a Point of Sale system for your business in 2021 is a no brainer. It is prudent for a modern business person to consider an array of features that a Point of Sale software has to offer before choosing one. Point of Sale systems can broadly be categorized into two

  1. Basic Point of Sale System
  2. Complete/Advanced Point of Sale

 Basic Point of Sale System

A basic point of sale system just as the name suggests is designed to be very simple. It may just function as a cash register and nothing more.


 Complete/Advanced Point of Sale

An advanced Point of Sale or rather a Complete Point of sale, on the other hand, comes with beautiful and amazing features. It actually can be said to be a retail management system It provides functionalities such as:

  1. Inventory management,
  2. Employee management,
  3. Client or customer management,
  4. Sales management,
  5. Supplier management and so much more

In a nutshell, for really small-retail businesses, a Basic Point of Sale can be the way to go. Otherwise, the best route would usually be going for the complete Point of Sale software.


Top Reasons For Having A Complete Point of Sale System

  1.  A basic point of sale system just like a cash register doesn't do much beyond registering sales. A complete POS, on the other hand, comes with capabilities that grow your business even more.
  2. An Advanced Point of Sale coming with inventory management features can or will synchronize your stock levels as you continue making sales. This makes product tracking an easy endeavor, making you make smart decisions when it comes to purchasing as well as sales.

    Counting your inventory regularly is critical to spotting, preventing, and addressing employee theft before it becomes too late. Set aside time to physically count your products and aim to count every item at least once every quarter

  3. With the customer management capabilities that allow you to store shopper information and build customer profiles. You will be able to offer loyalty features to reward your top customers/clients. Such a feature can lead to higher levels of customer engagement, repeat purchases, and loyalty which will be remarkably invaluable to your business.

  4. A business owner who regularly runs promotions in their shop will find it very useful when they have a Point of Sale that supports sales and marketing campaigns. This is because they can implement offers and discounts without many calculations or reducing the prices.

  5. A great part of running a successful retail venture lies in having data at your disposal. Great insights particularly sales, product movement, customer behavior, employee behavior leads to smart decisions that will buffer you from losses while impacting positively on your profits.

A complete Point of sale software will protect you from the time-consuming stress of resorting to spreadsheets to manage your business. Pen, paper, and/or spreadsheets being old school, may have worked for many years but would not cut it in today's fast-moving retail arena. An ambitious business owner who desires to keep up with modern shoppers, compete effectively with their competitors will go for the ultimate Advanced Point of Sale System. An Advanced Point of Sale Software that provides for real-time data and processes tasks quickly and efficiently.

The old school way of doing business is prone to errors, time-consuming. Errors lead to mistakes that will cost your business. You do not want to strain your business operations or staff as this hurts your customer experience.


Below are some of the Point of Sale systems that you can acquire for your retail business : (They are available for demo purposes only i.e to give you a gist of what you will be getting).

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